Surfplank Shaped’ Wooden Chopping Board 🏄‍♂️




Surfplank Shaped’ Chopping Board 🏄‍♂️ from our collection of Kitchen accessories, handcrafted in Meranti Wood. This kitchenware is ideal for the presentation,

Material Dimension Product Weight Package Content
Meranti Wood Length: 14 Inch
Bredth: 8.5 Inch
Thickness: 0.75 Inch
100 gramsSquare Shaped 🔲 1 Chopping board, 1 Knife

Care Instructions-

1. Clean softly with a damp cloth

2. Do not use water-based chemicals

3. Use Waxpol polish once in two months(For quick restoration)

NOTE: As this product is handcrafted & hand-painted, there might be a slight colour or design variation, which makes the product really unique. Awesome products for our awesome customers.

serves the main purpose of cutting and chopping raw food items.


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